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Sample Band 8 IELTS Writing Task 1 : Table

 The table below illustrates how much money a single person and a couple in Australia need for a comfortable lifestyle after they retire.

Sample band 8

The table compares the budgets needed for retired singles and couples to live a comfortable lifestyle in Australia.

Overall, the average budget of a retired single person is much lower than that of a couple. In addition, while housing is the biggest expenditure for single retirees, retired couples need more money for leisure activities.

The expenditure for housing of retired single people is $184, which is $10 lower than that of couples. Meanwhile, singles retirees spend $140 on leisure activities, while couples spend $60 more. Regarding healthcare, couples spend $177, which is $50 higher than the expenditure of a single retired person.

In terms of transport, couples and singles need roughly the same amount of money, at $108 and $107 respectively. When it comes to clothing, food, and other things, the figure for an individual is almost half that of a couple. A single person spends $44, $50 and $37 respectively on these categories, while a couple spends $80, $100 and $70. In general, the total amount of money spent by an individual is $684, whereas the figure for a couple is $931.

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