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100+ Useful Adjective Preposition Collocations


Adjective preposition collocations! Learn common adjective & preposition combinations in English with ESL printable worksheets and example sentences.

Learn more with a big list of prepositional phrases in English with examples.

Adjective Preposition Collocations

List of useful adjectives and prepositions collocations in English.

Adjectives + Prepositions: OF

Learn common adjective combinations with the preposition OF in English.

  • Afraid of
  • Ashamed of
  • Aware of
  • Capable of
  • Certain of
  • Conscious of
  • Envious of
  • Independent of
  • Jealous of
  • Proud of
  • Silly of
  • Typical of

Adjectives and Prepositions: FOR

Learn common adjective collocations with the preposition FOR in English.

  • Eager for
  • Eligible for
  • Famous for
  • Grateful for
  • Notorious for
  • Prepared for
  • Ready for
  • Renowned for
  • Responsible for
  • Respected for
  • Suitable for
  • Thankful for

Adjectives + Prepositions: WITH

List of adjective collocations with the preposition WITH in English.

  • Associated with
  • Bored with
  • Blessed with
  • Confronted with
  • Crowded with
  • Delighted with
  • Disappointed with
  • Fed up with
  • Familiar with
  • Pleased with
  • Popular with
  • Satisfied with

Adjectives and Prepositions: TO

List of common adjective collocations with the preposition TO.

  • Attracted to
  • Accustomed to
  • Addicted to
  • Allergic to
  • Indifferent to
  • Kind to
  • Married to
  • Receptive to
  • Related to
  • Similar to
  • Superior to
  • Unfriendly to

Adjectives + Prepositions: ABOUT

List of useful adjective collocations with the preposition ABOUT.

  • Angry about
  • Anxious about
  • Enthusiastic about
  • Excited about
  • Furious about
  • Happy about
  • Nervous about
  • Pessimistic about
  • Sad about
  • Serious about
  • Upset about
  • Worried about

Adjectives and Prepositions: IN

Learn useful adjective combinations with the preposition IN in English.

  • Comfortable in
  • Connected in
  • Disappointed in
  • Experienced in
  • Interested in
  • Polite/impolite in
  • Present in
  • Skilled in
  • Slow in
  • Successful in
  • Talented in

Adjectives + Prepositions: BY

Here is a list of useful adjective collocations with the preposition BY.

  • Amazed by
  • Delighted by
  • Disturbed by
  • Excited by
  • Fascinated by
  • Impressed by
  • Inspired by
  • Astonished by
  • Shocked by
  • Surprised by

Adjective Preposition Combinations: AT

Learn common adjective preposition combinations with the preposition AT in English.

  • Amazed at
  • Angry at
  • Annoyed at
  • Awful at
  • Bad at
  • Brilliant at
  • Clever at
  • Delighted at
  • Disappointed at
  • Excellent at
  • Excited at
  • Good at
  • Hopeless at
  • Mad at
  • Present at
  • Skilled at
  • Successful at
  • Surprised at
  • Terrible at
  • Slow at
  • Lucky at

Adjectives and Prepositions: FROM

  • Made from
  • Different from
  • Safe from
  • Absent from
  • Free from

Adjectives + Prepositions: ON

  • Keen on
  • Based on

Adjective Preposition Combinations | Images

Adjective and Preposition Collocations in English | Image 1

Adjective and Preposition Collocations in English | Image 1Pin

Adjective and Preposition Combinations in English | Image 2

Adjective Preposition Combinations | Images


Adjective Preposition Combinations | ImagesPin

Adjectives and Prepositions | Collocation Examples

List of adjective preposition collocations with example sentences.

  • He’s brilliant at football.
  • She is good at solving problems.
  • Most fathers wish to be present at the birth of their child.
  • Dustin is terrible at texting.
  • The drought has made farmers anxious about the harvest.
  • I’m not crazy about Chinese food.
  • You don’t sound very enthusiastic about the idea.
  • If there’s anything you’re not happy about, come and ask.
  • Consumers are very nervous about the future.
  • He’s very sensitive about his weight.
  • Are you sure about that?
  • He’s not worried about his upcoming examinations.
  • What makes you think that you are qualified for this job?
  • Charlie has a clever idea/plan for getting us out of our present difficulties.
  • If Sarah is free for lunch I’ll take her out.
  • She is so grateful for your help.
  • The army are said to be ready for action.
  • She’s famous for her watercolor paintings.
  • The smell is very familiar to everyone who lives near a bakery
  • You are free to come and go as you please.
  • She had grown accustomed to his long absences.
  • She remained bitterly apposed to the idea of moving abroad.
  • He was disappointed to see she wasn’t at the party.
  • I am extremely grateful to all the teachers for their help.
  • Places on the bus are limited to 50 – so book early!
  • I was sad to hear that they’d split up.
  • It would be unreasonable to expect somebody to come at such short notice.
  • He was quite certain of his attacker’s identity.
  • What are you frightened of?
  • You are in danger of being robbed.
  • The house was made of wood with an iron roof.
  • It’s very selfish of him to just expect that Polly will do all the childcare.
  • It’s stupid of her to go out without a coat.
  • How clever of you to buy chocolate chip cookies – they’re my favorites.
  • The kids are busy with their homework.
  • The fall in retail sales is directly connected with the decline in employment.
  • He’s fed up with his job. He wants to quit.
  • You should be generous with your time.
  • Be careful with the glasses.
  • There’s something wrong with the printer.
  • The book was inspired by a real person.
  • The teacher was surprised by the student’s question.
  • Many people were shocked by the sex scenes in the film.
  • There was a large crowd present in the auditorium.
  • They were successful in winning the contract.
  • He was connected in some way with that fraud scandal a couple of years back.

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