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Recent Exam – IELTS Writing Task 1 (8.5) (Bar chart)

IELTS Writing Task 1:

The chart gives information about the proportion of students choosing different science subjects in a university in 1992 and 2000

Sample Band 8.5

The bar charts show the percentage of undergraduates choosing three different science subjects in 1992 and 2012.

In general, there were more male than female students learning science subjects in the given two years. Additionally, biology was most chosen by the students, while those learning physics and computer science took up smaller proportions.

In 1992, nearly 70% of the students were males, while their counterparts only accounted for 30%. Over the following 10 years, despite a growth of 10%, the percentage of female students was still lower than that of males which declined to under 50% in 2012.

Biology was preferred by approximately 65% of the students in 1992, which was nearly triple the figure for physics, at only 20%. Computer science, on the other hand, was the least chosen subject, at under 5%. The year 2012 witnessed a significant drop in the proportion of biology learners, from 65% to over 40%, whereas the figure for physics remained unchanged at 20%. Computer science became more popular with its percentage increasing substantially to over 20%.

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TR: 9.0 CC: 9.0 LR: 8.0 GRA: 9.0

Estimated Band Score: 8.5

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