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Bar Chart #28 – Waste disposal in one European country

The bar chart details the amount of waste that was disposed via landfill, burning and dumping at sea, in a particular European country between 2005 and 2008.


Overall, it can be seen that while landfills initially were the main method of waste disposal and burning the least used method, the trend slowly reversed over the four-year period.

In 2005, disposing of waste via landfill was significantly the most preferred method of disposal with 1800 million tonnes of trash being buried. The amount of trash dumped at sea was only a third of this, at 600 million tonnes, while the amount of trash that was burnt was around 500 million tonnes. In 2006 the amount of waste buried in landfills had reduced substantially by 600 million tonnes, to 1200, however the amount of waste that was burnt or disposed of at sea only increased by 50-100 million tonnes.

In 2007, the waste the was buried and dumped at sea both dropped to about 900 and 600 million tonnes respectively, while the amount of trash burnt rose to around 700 million tonnes. By 2008, burning of waste was the preferred method of disposal, at 900 million tonnes, with landfill waste down to only 600 million tonnes, a third of the figure from four years earlier, and only approximately 550 million tonnes of waste dumped at sea.

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