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Bar Chart #27 – Percentage of UK people who consumed the daily recommended

The chart below shows the percentage of the population in the UK who consumed the recommended daily amount of fruit and vegetables in 2002, 2006 and 2010.


The chart illustrates the percentage of men, women and children who consumed the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables on a daily basis in three different years.

Overall, women came out first in term of fruit and vegetable consumption while the opposite was true for children.

In all three years, there was a small difference in the percentage of males and females who consumed enough fruit and vegetables every day. The highest figure for women was 32% in 2006 compared to 28% of men. 2010 witnessed the second highest rank for both women and men’s figures. While 27% of women consumed fruit and vegetables, the percentage of men was 24%. And the smallest figure for both women and men, which was nearly the same as the 2010 figures, was recorded in 2002.

The smallest percentage of people consuming the daily recommended amount of fruit and vegetables was children with only 11% in 2002, half as much as that of men and women in the same year. Following that, the figure for children slightly increased to 16% in 2006 before falling marginally to 14% in the last year.

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