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Bar chart #20 – The distribution of employment among agriculture, services, industries

The bar chart shows the distribution of employment among agriculture, services, industries in three countries in 1980 and projected distribution in 2020. 

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The given bar charts compare the proportions of people working in three sectors (Agriculture, Industry, and Services) in three countries in 1980, along with predicted changes in 2020. 

Overall, it can be seen that services were the main source of employment for people in countries A and C, while agriculture was the main area of employment in country B. Additionally, despite some slight variations, there are no predicted changes in the overall trends of these countries’ employment distribution. 

In 1980, the main source of jobs in countries A and C was services, at approximately 45% and 65%, followed by industry, at 30% and 35% respectively. Jobs in agriculture accounted for the smallest percentage of the workforce in both countries, at around 20% and 5% respectively. Both countries are expected to see a decrease in industry related jobs and a rise in service jobs by 2020. 

Country B, on the other hand, saw the largest percentage of jobs in agriculture, at approximately 70%, followed by services and industry, at approximately 35% and 20% respectively. It is predicted that trends will also remain the same in country B, with an approximate 15% decrease in agriculture jobs. 

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