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Table #7 : The values of exports of kiwi fruit from New Zealand to five countries

Task 01: Table

The table below gives information about the values (NZ$) of exports of kiwi fruit from New Zealand to five countries between 2010 and 2012.

Japan$ 271,000,000$ 287,000,000$ 325,300,000
China$ 74,900,000$ 84,800,000$ 94,000,000
Mexico$ 1,200,000$ 2,400,000$ 3,000,000
Russia$ 968,000$ 1,585,000$ 2,404,000
Saudi Arabia$ 29,000,000$ 106,000$ 82,000

Sample Answer 1:

The table shows changes in the export values of kiwi fruit from New Zealand to five nations from 2010 to 2012.

Overall, the value of exports of kiwi to Saudi Arabia dropped significantly over the course of three years, while the reverse(1) was seen in the remaining countries. Additionally, the exports of kiwi to Japan generated the biggest amount of money in three consecutive years.

The value of exports to Japan topped the list in 2010, at more than 270 million dollars, nearly 3 times higher than the figure for China and 10 times higher than that of Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, exports to Mexico and Russia brought much smaller revenues(2), with NZ$1.2 million and NZ$968,000 respectively.

By 2012, the value of exports to Japan had risen considerably, and reached over NZ$325 million in value. The figures for China, Mexico and Russia also saw increases to NZ$94 million, NZ$3.3 million and NZ$2.4 million respectively. On the other hand, the value of exports to Saudi Arabia dropped to only NZ$106,000 by 2011, before ending up at NZ$82,000 in 2012.

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Sample Answer 2 :

The table compares the international exports of kiwi fruit from New Zealand to 5 markets from 2010 to 2012. Overall, the export of kiwi fruit to Japan, China and Russia was on the rise while the opposite was true in Mexico and Saudi Arabia. In addition, Japan and China were the leading importers of New Zealand’s kiwi fruit among 5 countries.

In 2010, Japan was the largest market of kiwi fruit from New Zealand, with $ 271.1 million exported to this country, followed by $74.9 million of exports to China. New Zealand exported $6 million and just under $1 million of kiwi fruit to Mexico and Russia, respectively while the figure for Saudi Arabia was by far the lowest at $290000.

In the next 2 years, the exports to Japanese market soared to $325 million while there was $20 million more value of kiwi fruit exported to China. Also, the value of exports to Russia doubled to $2.4 million in 2012 whereas the figure for Mexico halved to $3.3 million. In contrast, the exporting value of Saudi Arabia increased to $407.000 in 2011 then decreased dramatically to $82.000 in 2012.

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