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Speaking Task Analysis Part 3 (Giving Opinions) – Band 6


The following follow-up questions are related to the IELTS speaking cue card topic of giving opinions. Let us find out what response was given by the student and the flaws that restricted the grade of this task response to Band 6.

Why you were asked to give opinions?

Actually, I was asked to give opinions because there was a question about further education of my sister if she…if she should get admission in the Masters or not. On that issue, this question was arised and I have given my favour to my sister time she must go for further education for her Masters


Incorrect verb: “question was arised” should be “question was raised”

Tense: “I have given my favour” should be “I gave my favour”

Word missing: “she must go” should be “that she must go”

What kinds of organizations want to find out about people’s opinions?

Organizations like….. there are many organisations…..like one organization is there named ABVP Akhil Bharti Vidyarthi Parishad. They ask about opinions of students, about the problems they are facing in the universities and colleges or the…….what the new implementation should be provided in the university for students. Other organizations like NGOs regarding the child labour. They asked about the public opinion whether the child should be a part of the work with below the 14 years of age. These are the organizations that usually ask people about in the society


Incorrect use of “like” and self correction can be avoided

Incorrect word: “new implementation should be provided” should be “new facilities should be provided”

Incomplete sentence: “Other organizations like NGOs regarding the child labour” should be “Other organizations like NGOs that are related to child labour ask public opinions”.

Tense and incorrect word: “They asked about the public opinion” should be “They ask the public opinion”

“child should be a part of the work with below the 14 years of age” can be “child below 14 years of age should be made to work”

IELTS Speaking Expected Band: Band 6

The candidate speaks for long fluently but makes mistakes in tense, sentence structure, incorrectly chosen word etc. that restrict the score to Band 6

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