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Recent Exam Question in IELTS Speaking Part 2 (Describe an Advertisement)


One of the students who recently gave his IELTS speaking exam reported the following cue card topic. Let us try to practice it on our own. You can first keep a sound recorder with you along with a pen and a paper. Read the following question and then prepare for it for around 1 minute. Then, you can start speaking and recording your voice.

Cue Card Question:

Describe an advertisement that persuaded you to buy a product

  • What advertisement it was
  • Was it shown on TV, radio or newspaper
  • What was good about that advertisement

Explain why do you think that advertisement attracted you to buy the product

Following is a sample response to the above cue card question of IELTS speaking.

Sample Answer:

Last week, I was quite free since it was weekend and was watching television for enjoying my leisure time. I was switching channels to look for an interesting program when suddenly my eyes got stuck on a TV channel that was advertising a hair product. It was promoting a shampoo which colors hair as well. It was a newly launched product in the market to assist the youngsters and adults who need to dye their hair. When I watched that advertisement, I did not switch to any other channel and kept on watching it carefully. The way it was being promoted with the attractive visuals and discount offers, I liked that advertisement a lot.

The most important thing that attracted me towards that advertisement was the fact that the advertised dye product colours hair differently. Usually, when we apply dye, we have to keep it for around 15 minutes and then we wash our hair while we use shampoo separately to wash hair. But this dye product was unique since it does two functions together. It is in the form of shampoo which can be applied to your hair like any other hair shampoo. You just need to keep it for 10 minutes and then you can wash your hair. Moreover, there is no need to apply any other shampoo for washing hair as it is used for that purpose also. Since it was bringing so much advantage for me, I immediately made an order and bought it from the company.

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