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Recent Exam Question in IELTS Speaking Part 1 (Your House)


In the IELTS Speaking exam, you would be asked three sections out of which part 1 is the section where basic introductory questions are asked. You will be asked your full name, the location you belong to and whether you are a student or working professional. The examiner starts recording your response, so be careful with all the answers, especially the introductory questions. In the IELTS speaking part 1, questions about your personal interests are also asked. While giving answers to these questions, you should give reasons also and this is how you can elaborate your answer further. Remember that fluency and coherence are some of the criteria of marking, so you should extend your response but develop ideas logically which are relevant to the question and are well understandable.




May I know your full name please?


My name is Rupinder Kaur, and you can call me Roop.


May I know which place are you from?


I am from Bathinda, one of the major cities in Punjab.


Where do you live, in a house or an apartment?


I live in a house which is quite big enough to accommodate joint family. It has 3 floors where all of my family members are living including my uncle and aunt. We also have car parking space and a beautiful garden as well inside our home.


What do you like about your house?


What I like the most about my house is the garden. As I said earlier, we have an amazing garden inside our house. At the entrance of our home itself, immediately after we open the main gate, there is a beautiful garden which is full of flowers of different colours viz. red, yellow and purple. In the morning time and sometimes in the evening, I prefer walking bare footed over the green grass in the garden which provides me extreme level of mental peace and this is what I like the most about my garden.


What would you like to change in your house?


Though I love my house a lot the way it is but if I have to say about something to be altered, I would like to change the backyard of my house which is filled with all the rubbish waste material thrown over the past few years. If the grass area gets cleared well, it could be turned into a beautiful place where one can place few benches for sitting purpose.


What is your favourite room in your house?


As I am a very creative person since my childhood, my favourite room is the room where I have kept all my drawings and paintings. Whenever I get free time, I go there and start painting on the canvas. Sometimes, I just come in this room to look at all those paintings drawn by me to recall the past days. It just rejuvenates me and refreshes my mind a lot for the upcoming days of routine work.

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