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Band 7 essay | Children are forced to study even in their leisure time


IELTS essay topic

In the recent years children are forced to study even in their leisure time. Is this a good practice? Do you agree or disagree?

The following is an essay submitted by one of our students.

Throughout the human history education has been considered as one of the key components of success in life. However, everything is good in balance and education is not an exception. Thus, I disagree with the belief that pushing kids to study at their spare time would be extremely beneficial for them.

Some philosophers say that education kills imagination. When a person starts gathering new information from different books and lectures, they use a material that has already been explored by someone else. As we know, childhood tend to be one of the most adventurous moments when everything is new and unexplained. If kids are forced to spend all of their time on studies, they will not have enough time for explorations.

In addition, there are numerous facts that prove that a human brain is capable of memorizing a certain amount of information, when the limit is reached people stop understanding and memorizing any new material. Therefore, it is essential to give our brain a rest from time to time in order to maintain the ability to receive and analyse new information. Otherwise, any education will be simply a waste of time and money.

To recapitulate, it is necessary to say that childhood is a unique and unforgettable moment of our lives. Most importantly, by overfilling it with books, studies, and schools parents do not help their kids to become future great philosophers and thinkers. On the contrary, they prevent them from developing a creative mindset that is so important in fields such as entrepreneurship, art, and science.

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