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Process diagram #10: The design of a modern landfill for household waste

Task 01: Process

The diagram shows the design of a modern landfill for household waste.

Sample Answer 1:

The given diagrams provide an illustration of a modern landfill for household wastes. Overall, a typical landfill is a man-made hole dug on a solid, two-layer base in which household refuse is kept and toxic liquids are removed from the landfill by the use of a system of pipes.

The construction of a landfill commences when a large hole is dug out of a site with natural rock underneath. The bottom of the hole is thereafter covered with a layer of clay and another layer of unspecified synthetic substance. A drainage tank which is a box-shaped compartment dug through the two aforementioned layers and a set of drainage pipes are also installed.

When used, the landfill is filled up with household waste, with the leachate being extracted and eventually flowing out of the site in liners. Once the rubbish has been converted into a mud-like compound, the landfill is sealed with clay, and gases that are emitted as a result of the conversion is eventually pumped out to an unspecified zone

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Sample Answer 2:

The diagram shows the life cycle of a modern landfill used for the disposal of household waste. There are three main stages in the life of a landfill; the construction, the use of, and the closure.

Firstly, a giant hole is dug in the earth above a bed of natural rock. Once the hole has been dug, it is then lined with a thick layer of clay, followed by a layer of synthetic material which helps to stop toxic waste substances from leaching into the surrounding earth. Drainage pipes and a drainage tank are also installed in order to remove the toxic waste liquids from the bottom of the landfill.

Once the landfill has been built, it is ready to be filled with household waste. During the usage stage of the landfill, waste liquids will sink to the bottom where they will be held in the drainage tank and removed via the drainage pipes in order to minimise a build-up of gas. Once the landfill is full, it is covered with a thick layer of clay. As the waste degrades over time , waste gases are emitted from the landfill.

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