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[PDF + Audio] Download full set of 4000 Essential English Words

 4000 Essential English Words is a set of “famous” books in English vocabulary learning materials.  Because with many outstanding advantages, “4000 Essential English Words” is vocabulary learning materials that English learners should own to be able to communicate fluently, as well as provide sufficient vocabulary for exams.

1. Introduce the 4000 Essential English Words book

  • Book series: 4000 Essential English Words is a series of 6 English vocabulary practice books
  • Author: Paul Nation
  • Knowledge: Provides to learners 4000 essential vocabulary words
  • Structure: Is divided into 6 books. Each book is accompanied by an audio version

2. Book Contents 4000 Essential English Words

  • Each book in the document has about 600-700 words, divided into 30 topics, each topic is 20-25 common vocabulary.
  • For each word in the book, the author provides with a transliteration, a vivid example so that readers can learn quickly and effectively.
  • The amount of vocabulary is diverse, rich and realistic.

3. How to effectively learn a set of 4000 Essential English Words

  • Set a goal of learning the right vocabulary for each day
  • Always do illustrated exercises after each topic to reinforce knowledge
  • You can take notes in your notebook, to do the repeat learning method, review your vocabulary after a certain time
  • Note the mistakes again, if possible, repeat the demonstration exercises again to avoid repeating errors.

4. Advantages and disadvantages of the 4000 Essential English Words series

4.1. Advantages of the set of books

  • Reasonably divided layout
  • Each book is divided into topics, easy for learners to find
  • For each book, there will be an extremely interesting listening section to help some of you memorize some of these words more smoothly.
  • After each word lesson, there will be an illustrative exercise for some of you to practice, do directly and memorize more easily
  • The paragraph is also kind, with a variety of ways to practice and memorize vocabulary

4.2. Disadvantages of the book set

The only downside of the book is: The number of words is quite large, so it will be quite difficult to determine effective study and review methods.

5. Link to download the full set of 4000 Essential English Words + audio books

Download Full Set

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