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Model Answer of Recent Writing Task 1 – Letter


Are you practicing writing tasks for your IELTS exam? Get yourself poked with a recent exam question in writing task 1 in the IELTS General Training exam this year. A student reported the following letter question. You can read and then try attempting this Writing Task 1 question in 20 minutes and then analyse your performance with the model answer of this question given below.


You recently encountered some problems with public transportation service in your area. Write a letter to the manager of the public transport company and say

  • What were the problems
  • Explain how these problems affect the public
  • Suggest what changes could be made to improve the situation

Write your answer in at least 150 words and start it from:

Dear Sir/Mam,
Now, you can compare your response to this writing task 1 question with the model answer given below:

Model Answer:

Dear Sir/Mam,

I am writing this letter to express my concern regarding the issues related to public transportation service faced by the people residing in Lok Nagar, New Delhi.

There are various problems people face due to inconvenience caused by the public bus service, for example, buses don’t reach the bus station on time, buses are in poor conditions and misbehaviour of bus conductors is a major concern.

As buses are always delayed, working professionals are not able to reach on time due to this. Secondly, the condition of public buses is really bad to an extent that windows are broken and there’s no sign of cleanliness in the buses. Moreover, the bus conductors do not behave well with the passengers as there have been fights with the passengers many a times. This has led to poor impression of public transportation system.

I suggest if some changes are implemented, it can solve all the problems that people are experiencing. Firstly, bus drivers should be strictly informed to reach the bus stations on time and they should be monitored for this as well. Another issue regarding keeping the buses clean should be resolved by appointing sweepers. Lastly, bus conductors should be strictly advised not to indulge in fights with the passengers and strict actions should be taken against them in case they do not improve their behaviour.

I hope that you would give due consideration to all these suggestions and take proper actions for the same.

Yours faithfully,

Jayant Mishra
You can use the following words or phrases, suitable for the writing task 1 where you need to write about transportation related problems:


  • Firstly/Secondly/Lastly
  • Moreover/Furthermore/Apart from this/Other than this/In addition to this


  • I am writing this letter to….
  • I hope that you would………
  • I suggest you………………….
  • It would be great if you……
  • …..express my concern……..
  • …..give due consideration………..
  • ……a major concern……………
  • Another issue is………………….


  • Inconvenience/regret
  • Indulge/involve
  • Cleanliness/maintenance/
  • Road traffic/traffic congestion/traffic jam/crowd
  • Passengers/travellers/public
  • Implement
  • Appoint/recruit
  • Poor impression/bad image/poor reputation
  • Strict actions/measures

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