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IELTS Writing Task 2 : People are not paying attention to environmental protection

IELTS Writing Task 2

People are not paying attention to environmental protection. What is the cause and suggest solutions to deal with this issue

Sample Answer

Environment is calling our name worldwide, especially with the frequent occurrence of natural disasters from tsunami to earthquakes. That is the acknowledged threat to the survival of humankind, but the truth remains that people seem to be busy with something else, rather than the mission of salvaging the world before it is too late. Reasons for people’s blatant ignorance of this fact are various, subjectively and objectively.

Governments are partly to be condemned for their lack of serious effort and radical law enforcement on environment protection. The fact is people around the globe are still releasing a huge amount of waste, without being heavily penalized or get away with this, perhaps by simply lobbying government or bribing some key figures in the authorities. Also, despite the fact that authorities are urging people into using environment-friendly products and campaigns to keep the environment clean, ironically, they are, simultaneously, allowing businessmen to produce as many cars as possible and advertisers to spur consumerism among people, which is undeniably the catalyst for the booming of air pollution and early exhaustion of natural resources.

Objectively, economic imbalance between nations is another culprit of people’s little attention to save the environment. While some nations pass their economic heights, being willing to voice their protests against any action dirtying the environment, others are too hectic with the prodding call of poverty and illiteracy of citizens and find themselves at variance with priorities of developed world. In this case, any attempt to slow down the development of the latter proves paradoxical, and for that reason, our environment stays fully exploited. The painful truth is that the inherent basic instinct of people, after all, is to feed themselves as much as possible, taking the precedence over doing something for long-term purpose, say, environmental conservation.

Solutions to this head-aching issue are suggested. Drastic measures implemented by governments to minimize pollution are the prohibition of natural exploitation above the limit, discouragement of private means of transportation, and establishment of international treaties, for instance, Kyoto. Nevertheless, this means no worth if each citizen, himself or herself, pays no heed. Long-term remedies, educational programs to raise people’s awareness of environment protection are strongly recommended. It would be such an effective method to inculcate in our little children the immediate consequences of environmental damage, by introducing the environment protection as the mandatory subject at school and frequently showing videos of environment hazards on television everywhere.

I strongly believe that once these threats caused environment degradation are deeply embedded in our minds, especially, children’s, our environment will soon be away from jeopardy and our world will be green again.

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