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IELTS Writing Actual Test 23/11/2019 (Culture and Education)

Task 1

The maps below show a bookstore in 2000 and now. 

Sample Answer:

The maps show changes in the layout of a bookstore between 2000 and the present. 

In general, the layout of the bookstore has been significantly changed, especially on the left-hand side of the room. A number of features have been moved and modified, while other facilities have been added. 

In 2000, there was a large section dedicated to fiction books on the left-hand side of the store. However, that section has been divided into four new sections, in which books on art, hobbies, cookery, and fiction are now displayed. 

The area for fiction books in the rear left corner of the store is now used for non-fiction books, while the old non-fiction section has been transformed into a new cafe. The central area of the room, which used to be for art, cookery, and hobby books, is now occupied by tables and chairs. Meanwhile, the space for travel books, new books, and the service desk, has remained unchanged over the years. 

Task 2

Many young people now know more about international pop and movie stars than famous people in the history of their countries. 
What are the causes? Give solutions to increase the number of people to know about famous people in history.

Sample Answer:

These days, young people tend to have more interests in international celebrities than historical figures in their country. This essay will present possible causes of this trend as well as the appropriate solutions to improve the situation. 

There are several reasons why the young nowadays know more about famous movie and music stars instead of having knowledge of the history in their country. To begin with, social media contributes to the increasing interest of young people in celebrities. It is common to notice that famous people’s lives are grabbing the headlines of the majority of newspapers, especially the online ones. Since teenagers now spend most of their spare time surfing the Internet, they are likely to be exposed to ubiquitous posts or articles about actors or singers more frequently, thus becoming more fascinated about such topics. In addition, another cause of this trend is the tedious teaching method of history at high school. It seems that history itself is not attractive, leading to the fact that students will suffer from utter boredom if their teachers fail to make history lessons more interesting. 

Various solutions can be adopted to make young people more interested in history and historical people. First of all, film makers should be encouraged to produce movies based on key historical events. Young people will be eager to watch such movies, especially when their idols are chosen for the starring role. As a result, they will gain more knowledge about a particular historical period by watching those films. Second, the teaching method in history classroom should be tailored in order to arouse students’ interests. Instead of teaching merely a long list of names and dates in textbooks, teachers can add motion images and vivid sound effects to create more appealing lessons. 

In conclusion, although young people these days do not pay as much attention to history as they do to celebrities, this problem can be dealt with by several suggested solutions. 

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