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IELTS Speaking Part 1: Topic Movies

Topic: Movies

  1. Which movies do you like?

→ I am a huge fan of romance and The Notebook is definitely my number one choice (1) when it comes to classic (3) romance movies. Although the motif (2) of a tragic love story isn’t new, the movie is still a masterpiece (4) to me.

  • (1) My number one choice: Number one /nʌm.bə ˈwʌn/ – Choice /tʃɔɪs/:
    Example : Iphone is always my number one choice.
  • (2) Motif /məʊˈtiːf/:
    Example: The motif of betrayal is crucial in all these stories.
  • (3) Classic /ˈklæs.ɪk/:
    Example: I’ve always enjoyed reading classic novels.
  • (4) Masterpiece /ˈmɑː.stə.piːs/:
    Example: Leonardo’s “Last Supper” is widely regarded as a masterpiece.
  1. Do your friends like this movie?

→ Unlike me, most of my friends say this is such a cliché (5) movie and therefore, would rather spend their time watching horror movies, which gives them real thrills(6) .

  • (5) Cliché /ˈkliː.ʃeɪ/
    Example: The story is shamelessly corny, and grownups will groan at its clichés.
  • (6) To give them real thrills / ɡɪv ðem rɪəl θrɪls/:
  1. Do you want to be a movie star?

→ Not at all. Becoming a celebrity means you have to expose your private life (7) to the rest of the world, and sharing has never been my thing . Besides, I have a fear of cameras(8) , which means I could never become an actor/ actress.

  • (7) To expose your private life: Expose /ɪkˈspəʊz/ – Private /ˈpraɪ.vət/ – Life /laɪf/
    Example: You shouldn’t expose your private life on Facebook
  • (8) A fear of cameras:
    Example: He has a fear of cameras

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