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IELTS Reading: choose the title

 Read the passage below, and select the best title from the following list.

A) The 2020s: a decade of challenges
B) Work in the 2020s: how to succeed
C) Essential skills in a changing job market

As the pace of digital transformation in the workplace accelerates, the next decade will pose challenges for employees as they are pushed more quickly into different types of jobs and teams. Skill demands are changing so rapidly, say futurists, that even when a company lays out what it requires now, by the end of the 2020s that will look very different.

Jason Wingard, dean of Columbia University School of Professional Studies, believes some skills will not be relevant. “You are going to have to look at the market and keep abreast of what are transferable skills,” he says. “You will need to measure yourself against that and ask yourself, ‘Do you have what it takes to be competitive?’”

So what are the five essential skills that workers will need to navigate a changing work environment — and flourish in the next decade?

(Source: Financial Times, 6th January 2020)

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