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IELTS Grammar: correct the mistakes

 Here are some phrases (parts of sentences) that people wrote below Thursday's writing task 1 lesson. Can you find and correct the mistakes?

Note: I'm focusing here on the parts of people's sentences that contained a problem. Don't worry about the information that I've missed out.

  1. The highest numbers of sales were 3 million Euros and 15 million Euros respectively.
  2. The highest sales figures for Fairtrade coffee and bananas was recorded in Switzerland.
  3. Switzerland was earning 15 million euros of fairtrade bananas.
  4. ...with the sales figures for coffee and bananas stood at 3 million Euros and 15 million Euros respectively.
  5. Switzerland was the highest sales in fairtrade of coffee and bananas.

In case you didn't see it, here's my correct version:

In 1999, Switzerland had the highest figures for sales of both Fairtrade coffee and Fairtrade bananas, with 3 million and 15 million Euros of sales for the two respective products.

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