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IELTS Grammar: correct the mistakes

Here are some sentences about this week's writing task 1 question. Can you find and correct the mistakes? Not all of them are grammar mistakes!

  1. There were 51 million pmt incidents than 35 million pmt injuries by bus.
  2. In general, both the figures for serious fatalities and injuries were dramatically higher for the demand response field.
  3. The number of people having injuries showed the more popular level than that of people having incidents.
  4. There is a somewhat difference between the number of people using heavy rail and light rail.
  5. The bar chart illustrates the amount of passengers who were been incidents and injuries travelled by five types of transport such as demand response, bus, heavy rail, light rail, and commuter rail in 2002.
  6. The bus, which is used by almost 80 people, tallied 66 injuries.
  7. In three types of rail, being lower than light rail, heavy rail surpassed commuter rail in the amount of incidents and injuries.
  8. Injuries by bus was went up approximately 4 times than commuter rail.

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