Recent Writing Exam Question - Essay Writing (May 2017)


Recent exam question for the writing task 2

1. Recent exam question for the writing task- 2 ( Essay Writing)

Worker Often have to retire at the age of 60 or 65. However, some people say that they should be allowed to Continue working for as long as they want. What is your opinion about this??

Sample Answer:
It is a common practice, in most of the societies worldwide, for the people to stop working when they reach the sixth decade of their life. This is because, it has been observed, that with the advancement in years, an individual’s ability to perform goes downhill and so has to be replaced by the youthful ideas. I personally feel, that an employee should hang up his boots at this age.

One important reason, why I believe, that a person should call it a day at this age, is to give chance to the younger task force. The younger people have the modern ideas and know about the latest technology but they can put their ideas into practice only when they get opportunity to work. This is possible only when the older people retire and younger ones take their place. In addition, if the seniors continue to work, unemployment results. For instance, a research carried out by the Employment department revealed, that many vacancies could be created if it is made mandatory for the people to retire at the age of 60 or 65.
Not only that, there are other arguments also which support retirement at a certain age. The people, who have passed their prime, face many health related issues. This affects the productivity of the work. For example the graying workers take more sick leaves as compared to their younger counterparts. Hence this also bring home the idea of compulsory retirement at a certain age.

In conclusion, I would like to reiterate that a person should cease to work at a particular age as it is good for him as well as for the society. The society gets infused with new ideas and the individual also gets the much needed rest after having worked for the better part of his life.
-Written by Pavneet Kaur

2. Recent Exam Question- Writing Task 2

Every day, millions of tons of food are wasted all over the world. Why do you think this is happening? And how can we solve this problem?

Sample Model Answer

One of the major problems that the world is facing today is the wastage of food. The reasons for this are multifarious; let us delve deep and single out the causes and find solutions to prevent this happening.

Firstly, money is no longer considered something that has to be saved. The earning potential of individuals has increased multi-fold. In good old days, every morsel of food would find its way to be recycled or stored for later use. But now with people becoming moneyed than before, they no longer value storage of food. Rather they tend to throw the unconsumed food. Secondly, food is sold quite competitively with the mushrooming of small joints and roadside shanties. This means that all the classes of people believe in discarding unused food rather than stowing it away.

Moreover, food choices, marketing strategies and advertisements showcase a plethora of food products that are available over the counter. This also opens up avenues for people wanting to try newer variety of food all the time. Why then will they preserve the food? They will definitely try to throw it away rather than eating it later.

Nevertheless, this is not a problem sans a solution. The simplest vista is to create awareness via campaigns which will alter the mindset of the public to food wastage. There are hotels which levy fines on people who waste food. There is a community fridge in a town in Kerala, which allows you to bring in your waste food, so that it is sorted out and given to the lesser privileged. These and more can be highlighted to people, so that they realize that food cannot be taken for granted.

I would like to conclude by saying that food waste is definitely not in good taste.

-Created by Simlee Sajid.

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