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IELTS Writing Task 2: writing a conclusion

When writing a conclusion, this is what I do:

  1. I check the question again, because I want to make sure that I answer it properly (but briefly) in my conclusion.
  2. I also think about key words or phrases from the question that I could reuse or paraphrase.
  3. And I look at my introduction again. I want to make sure that the 'position' that I express in my conclusion is consistent with what I wrote in the introduction.
  4. I can also paraphrase what I wrote in my introduction when writing the conclusion.

Look at the question and the introduction that I showed you last week. Here are some of my thoughts before I write the conclusion:

  • I'm going to start with 'In conclusion', and I want to write one concise sentence only.
  • I need to repeat the idea that the benefits of genetic engineering outweigh the drawbacks (using different words).
  • In my introduction I used a "while" sentence (while I accept the dangers, I believe the benefits...).
  • So I'll start my conclusion with the benefits and then use the phrase "in spite of" to mention the dangers.
  • Instead of "threat to life" or "dangers", I could write about the "risks".
  • Instead of "improve people's lives", I could write that it will have a "positive impact".

Here's a concise conclusion using the ideas above:

In conclusion, I am convinced that genetic engineering will have a positive impact on our lives, in spite of its potential risks.

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