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IELTS Writing Task 2: excellent 'topic vocabulary'

Here's a list of some of the good collocations and phrases from the essay that I shared last week. I hope you can see how much excellent 'topic vocabulary' the essay contained.

  • are seeing a rise in
  • one-person households
  • is becoming a rarity
  • the traditional family support network
  • a nuclear family
  • a single-parent household
  • a stressful part of daily life
  • the absence of
  • adult family members
  • the primary influences on
  • the decline of the extended family
  • psychological and behavioural problems
  • amongst young people
  • the psychological effects of
  • reduced human interaction
  • discuss the highs and lows of daily life
  • They forgo the constant stimulation
  • hustle and bustle of a large family
  • left to their own devices
  • for extended periods of time
  • lack of human contact
  • replaced by passive distractions
  • This type of existence
  • is associated with boredom, loneliness
  • feelings of isolation or even alienation
  • increase the risk of mental illness
  • individuals thrive when

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