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IELTS Writing Task 1: little things to notice

In the task 1 answer that I wrote last week, there are some small details that an examiner or teacher might notice:

  • visitors' responses (correct use of apostrophe for possessive plural)
  • hotel guests (compound noun)
  • hotel's visitors (first noun with possessive)
  • rated... as... (correct use of verb 'rate' with 'as')
  • gave this rating (noun 'rating' used with correct verb 'give')
  • a clear majority (good collocation)
  • Looking at the positive responses first,... (grouping information)
  • With regard to negative feedback,... (new paragraph and grouping)
  • considered... to be... (correct use of verb 'consider' with 'to be')
  • reflects the fact that (good phrase used in correct context)

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