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IELTS Vocabulary: collocations and phrases

 IELTS candidates often use good collocations or phrases, but they get them slightly wrong. This is what happened in the sentences in yesterday's lesson:

1) Use "be + achievement". You can't use "win + achievement"
Example: It was a great achievement. Don't say: I won a great achievement.

2) "my hard work (had) paid off"
Example: I was proud that all of my hard work had paid off.
The mistake in yesterday's lesson was to make this passive (had been paid off).

3) "I'll never forget" and "I never forget" have different meanings
- I'll never forget the day when I passed the exam. (a memorable event)
- I never forget my mother's birthday. (you remember every year)

4) "lose interest in something". Never write the plural "interests"
Example: I lost interest in the course.

5) With the word "difficulty / difficulties" you can use these verbs:
have, face, experience, encounter, run into, get into
You can't say "difficulties concurred".

6) "due to" is followed by a noun, not a subject + verb
Example: due to the fact that I had never...
Don't say: due to I had never...

PS. One of my colleagues has a Facebook page dedicated to 'correct the mistakes' exercises. You can find it here.

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