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IELTS Listening: 'work experience' transcript

Here's the full transcript for the listening exercise in last Tuesday's lesson. The speaker talks quickly, so it's useful to see exactly what she says.

Click here to listen

I wanted to spend a little bit of time today talking about the importance of work experience as you're considering different management programmes. Now this will vary a lot school by school. So some schools actually will have a minimum number of years of required work experience, so you should enquire with all the schools that you are interested in, sort of, what their recommendations are.

At Stanford specifically, we don't necessarily look at a certain number of years of work experience, but what we’re really looking for are your leadership examples that you’re able to draw from in your life. And as a result, some people actually come to us a little bit earlier on in their careers.

So, most years we might even have, you know, one or two students who come directly after university, but they’ve got incredibly strong leadership examples to draw from: maybe it is from being involved in student government, or clubs, or organisations, or starting a non-profit organisation, or having been involved in a family business growing up. So they’re able to draw and refer to those leadership experiences in the classroom.

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