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IELTS Grammar: not following advice leads to mistakes!

In Thursday's lesson I suggested some phrases that could be used in a task 1 introduction sentence.

However, I noticed below the lesson that some students had used their own ideas instead of my suggested phrases. Unfortunately this led to some big mistakes in the sentences below:

  1. The bar chart portraits the three different environmental unfriendly techniques for recycling the waste management in various countries of Europe.
  2. The bar chart depicts data about the percentage of recycled waste that is put into a landfill, an incinerator, or have been disposed of in other ways which are done in various EU countries.
  3. The bar chart shows the percentage waste that is recycled.Meanwhile, put into landfill, incinerated, or disposed of in other ways in various EU countries.

Can you see the mistakes that could have been avoided if the students had used my suggestions?

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