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IELTS Grammar: corrections

Here are my corrections for the sentences in yesterday's lesson.

1. "There are many reasons to believe why" is a clumsy phrase. Instead, write:

- There are many reasons why this is detrimental.
- There are many reasons why I believe that this is detrimental.
- I believe that this is detrimental for several reasons.

2. They have an impact on young adults' health. (plural possessive)

3. We need to use the uncountable (not plural) form of the word exercise. We're talking about 'exercise' in general, not a specific number of exercises.

- The number of people doing physical exercise is falling.

4. "By spending hours on television" is a problematic phrase because "on television" is usually used when we're talking about the people who appear on TV. For example, if you say "I was on television yesterday", it means that you appeared on a TV programme. To avoid confusion, we need to write:

- By spending hours watching television...
- We lead a sedentary life because we spend so many hours watching TV.

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