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IELTS Essay Model Answer of Band 8


IELTS Essay Model Answer of Band 8

In writing, achieving a band score of 8 is a big deal. While many students find it so difficult to get even Band 7, Band 8 just appears to be a nightmare. It needs to be kept in mind that writing band score in IELTS is marked according to some parameters such as grammar, vocabulary, sentence connectors, task response etc. If one understands on how to write an essay keeping into account all these parameters, one can also achieve Band score 8.

Let us first see the band descriptors on the basis of which a person receives Band 8. In order to achieve Band score 8, you should be performing well according to the following parameters:

1. Task Achievement

  • You need to answer all the parts of essay
  • ​You need to explain and extend relevant ideas along with examples in the body paragraphs

2. Coherence and Cohesion

  • You can write all your ideas in sequence and logically in a flow
  • You should appropriately use cohesive devices such as moreover, on the other hand etc.
  • You should make paragraphs sufficiently according to the question

3. Lexical Resource

  • You should use a wide range of vocabulary (use different words) accurately and appropriately
  • You should be able to use words that are uncommon. However, band 8 scorer may be making mistakes occasionally in choice of word or combination of words.
  • The band 8 scorer may rarely have mistakes in spelling and/or formation of words

4. Grammatical Range and Accuracy

  • You should use wide range of structures while forming sentences
  • Most of the sentences you form should be free from grammar errors
    However, band 8 scorer may make grammar mistakes occasionally

Overall Band 8 Description

Following is the overall description of a candidate who scores Band 8. However, you may see the exact statements of Band 8 scorer at the back of your IELTS score card:

Band 8 candidate is described as “Very Good User” of English language

It means the candidate has full operational command of the language but he may occasionally make mistakes which are unsystematic or inappropriate in nature.

He may misunderstand in case of unfamiliar situations but is able to give detailed complex arguments.


With the increased use of computers, education is being delivered online without teachers. It is likely that there would be no role of teachers in providing education in the future.

Do you agree with this view?

Sample Answer:

It is not doubtful that with the introduction of computers, the process of delivering education has changed to a much greater extent. Though these digital devices have expedited the availability of data, they are not substitutes of learning process that happens by human interaction. In my opinion, it can be expected that role of teachers may change from classroom teacher to an online teacher, but complete disappearance of classroom sessions is not possible.

To commence with, acquisition of knowledge with computers involves fun and learning at the same time. Merely touching these digital devices is an activity full of enjoyment for a child. Apart from this, software interactivity and relaxing attitude while learning from computer contribute to grasping knowledge in an effective way. For example, the availability of digital books and other software tools used at higher educational level provides the student ever accessible source of detailed information that otherwise was impossible in the past.

On the other hand, though the increased complexity of intelligent software embedded in the digital material brings high quality education to the students, the need of human interactive sessions would always be present at least in the foreseeable future. For example, only a human teacher can help a student overcoming his shortcomings with individualised attention.  Therefore, expertise of a teacher in explaining the complexity and clarifying doubt can hardly be mimicked by the computer, no matter how much sophisticated the software is.

To conclude with, according to me, teachers who are the highly respected professionals in the society will continue to play the most important role in shaping the career as well as the character of the students so that they not only succeed in their life but become better human beings too.

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