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IELTS band 7 essay sample: Celebrities earn more money than other professionals


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Essay topic

Celebrities earn more money than other professionals. Some people believe that this is unfair. However, others justify the high salaries of actors, singers and athletes. What is your opinion?

Student’s response

Dedication is a ubiquitous trait that is instilled in most of us. However, I have always wondered why some people earn more than others. Despite the fact that everyone seems to work hard, there seems to be stark income equality in any society. Thus, we ought to explore this matter.

In a free market economy, wages are proportionate to the value of a particular employee, worker or a hired person. Such value is determined by that person’s contribution to the establishment he is working for. Thus, Celebrities gain so much money because of the enormous return they bring to the investor. For example, a typical American movie is likely to achieve three hundred percent profitability. I am never shocked when I hear about movies that can bring profits amounting to two hundred millions dollars.

However, many criticize the ways in which a free market economy functions. As far as they are concerned, they believe that even though some jobs may not generate an astounding income for an organization, these jobs are regarded as indispensable to a functioning society. For example, garbage men, as humble as this job may sound like, are essential for any city’s sanitation. Without them, inhabitants of a city would be engulfed by a horrendous plague of diseases.

In conclusion, I believe that there are jobs which are very important for the society. However, we have to accept the reality that some people can make more money than others. But I believe that scales of pay do not always reflect the importance of any job to the society.

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