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IELTS Speaking: 'photos' topic

ere's a useful study technique for IELTS speaking: find questions on one topic for all three parts of the test. For example, let's take the 'photos' topic:

Part 1 questions

1. What type of photos do you like taking?
2. What do you do with photos you take?
3. When you visit other places, do you take photos or buy postcards?
4. Do you like people taking photos of you?

(I've answered the above questions here)

Part 2 task

Describe a photograph of you that you like. You should say

- where the photo was taken
- what you were doing when it was taken
- who took it
- and explain why you like the photo.

Part 3 discussion

1. Why do you think people like taking photos of themselves and others?
2. Do you think it's ever worth hiring a professional photographer?
3. What are the advantages of taking photos on a mobile phone instead of on a normal camera?

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