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Short Answers - To Be

Short Answers with To Be

With To Be it is possible to give a short answer or a long answer to a question in English though in casual conversation, short answers are much more common than long answers. Long answers are for more formal conversations or if you want to give more information in your response.

In questions that use Is or Are it is possible to give short answers as follows:

Sample QuestionsShort Answer
Short Answer
Am I late?Yes, you are.No, you aren't.
Are you tired?Yes, I am.No, I'm not.
Are you both happy?Yes, we are.No, we aren't.
Are they thirsty?Yes, they are.No, they aren't.
Is he sick again?Yes, he is.No, he isn't.
Is she a good teacher?Yes, she is.No, she isn't.
Is it available?Yes, it is.No, it isn't.


Are you from Chile?
- Yes, I am. (= Yes, I am from Chile)
- No, I'm not. (= No, I am not from Chile)

Is he an engineer?
- Yes, he is. (= Yes, he is an engineer)
- No, he isn't. (= No, he isn't an engineer)

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