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Possessive Adjectives


The possessive adjective needs to agree with the possessor and not with the thing that is possessed.


  • My car is very old.
  • Her boyfriend is very friendly.
  • Our dog is black.
  • Their homework is on the table.

Like all adjectives in English, they are always located directly in front of the noun they refer to. (Possessive Adjective + Noun)

We do not include an S to the adjective when the noun is plural like in many other languages.


  • Our cars are expensive. (Correct)
    Ours cars are expensive. (Incorrect)

However, the verb that is used needs to be in agreement with the noun - if the noun is singular then the verb is singular; if the noun is plural then the verb is plural.


  • My pen is black. (Singular)
    My pens are black. (Plural)
  • Our child is intelligent. (Singular)
    Our children are intelligent. (Plural)

Its vs. It's

Be careful not to confuse its and it's.

Its = The possessive adjective for It.
It's = a contraction of it is.

More detailed information about Its vs. It's here.

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