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IELTS Writing Task 1: collocations and phrases

 Here are some good collocations and phrases from the sample answer that I shared last week.

Remember: a collocation is a group of words that are often used (and work well) together e.g. increased significantly, export earnings, textile industry.

  • a country's export earnings
  • export revenues
  • income from
  • earnings from
  • the highest earning exports
  • it is noticeable that
  • five product categories
  • over the period shown
  • the textile industry
  • saw the most significant growth in
  • rose from... to...
  • which was an increase of
  • reached a similar level
  • went up by... to approximately...
  • there was a ...% increase in
  • rising from roughly... to...
  • there was almost no change in
  • the amount of money earned
  • which remained at just over
  • decline in income
  • fell by ...% to...

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