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Talking About Favorite Things

Talking about favorite things

When you talk about your favorite things you talk about the best liked or most enjoyed things.


  • "What's your favorite color?" "Green."

Study the dialogue:

Leila is talking to her new friend Cathy:

Leila:What kind of films do you like best?
Cathy:Science fiction. And you?
Leila:Comedy. And who's your favorite actor?
Cathy:Tom Cruise.
Leila:I like Robert de Nero most.

Asking about favorite things:

  • What's your favorite sport?
  • What sport do you like best?
  • What sport do you like most?
  • What kind of sport do you like best?
  • Who's your favorite football player?


  • My favorite sport is football.
  • I like football best.
  • I like football most.
  • My favorite football player is Ronaldo.

Things to remember:

  • "Favourite" is British spelling.
  • "Favorite" is American spelling.

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