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Describing people and things



What are some good ways to describe

  • people?
  • things?
  • feelings?
  • yourself?
  • personality?

See the phrases below for examples of descriptions in English.


If you want to ask people to describe someone or something use the following expressions:

does Leila / the house look like?
can you tell me about Leila / the house?
is Leila / the house like?
me about Leila / the house!


To describe people or things, use the following expressions:

Well, she's
old, young, middle-aged, fat, overweight, slim, thin, skinny, blonde, red-head, well-built, tall, dark, beautiful, funny, cute, really rich, gorgeous ...
She has got
oval face, square face, round face, long, black hair, straight hair, curly hair, blue eyes, round face, long nose, fair skin, bushy eyebrows, regular teeth, crooked teeth, rosy cheeks...
She's kind of
chubby, thin, slim, obese, tall, skinny, short, intelligent, silly, nice, naughty...
big, small, comfortable, clean ...

Short dialogues:

Martha wants Liza to describe the new secretary:

Martha:What's the new secretary like?
Liza:She's cute. She's got long hair and a round face.

Martha wants Liza to describe the new apartment:

Martha:Tell me about your new apartment!
Liza:It's big. It has got three bedrooms, a comfortable living room, and a spacious kitchen.

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