UPS vs. USPS: Useful Differences between USPS vs. UPS


UPS vs. USPS! Sometimes it’s not the words or phrases themselves that are commonly confused but their acronyms. Even a single different or additional letter can make a huge difference, so, whenever you come across such abbreviations, you need to be sure that you know what each of them means. For example, take UPS vs. USPS. These abbreviations look almost identical but they refer to two completely different companies. Even though they both have to do with post and shipping, you should know how different they are if you ever need to use their services.


USPS stands for “United States Postal Service”, while UPS stands for “United Parcel Service”.

USPS is a federal entity that was founded in 1775. It’s also known as US Mail or postal service, and you can use it if you want to deliver mail to someone inside the country. The company is funded by the sale of postal stamps and the delivery services that it offers.

UPS is newer: it was founded in 1907. This is a publicly-traded company that can do courier express, freight forwarding, and logistics services. It’s one of the biggest and most well-known package delivery companies in the whole world.

There are some differences between these companies’ policies. For instance, UPSP is very strict about the size and the weight that the package needs to have. On the other hand, UPS can deliver a package of pretty much any weight or size. USPS is also often trading with residential customers, while UPS’s focus is on commercial deliveries.

In terms of prices and time of delivery, these companies are rather similar. Both USPS and UPS can deliver priority mail in two to three business days and a common package in about two weeks.

There are other companies that offer delivery services. In many cases, they are more expensive, but they can also provide some benefits, such as faster shipping or other additional services. For instance, FedEx is a company that can deliver mail overnight.

UPS vs. USPS Examples

  • The USPS can solve the security issue of NEA in a certain extent.
  • This item will be shipped via USPS first class mail with delivery confirmation.
  • Shipping is done via the USPS and comes with delivery confirmation.
  • If you need the item immediately, you can choose USPS express mail.
  • There is no tracking number, but we do use USPS delivery confirmation.
  • UPS workers went on strike today, leaving thousands of customers in the lurch.
  • The UPS strategy has been to buy or link up with foreign companies.
  • UPS will send you an email verifying the change.
  • We will use either a UPS or DHL door-to-door service and custom formalities will need to be completed by you in Tianjin.
  • Repair UPS and spare parts to satisfy the service requests.

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Useful Differences between USPS vs. UPS


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