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Nature vs. Nurture: When to Use Nurture vs. Nature (with Useful Examples)


Nature vs. nurture? If you talk about psychology with your friends, colleagues, or other people you meet, you might find yourself in the middle of a nature vs. nurture debate. This topic is very interesting; indeed, to what extent are traits of a person’s character inherited or acquired? It has fascinated psychologists for ages but it can be discussed by people who aren’t professionals in the sphere.

Nature vs. Nurture

In order to be taken seriously and have your voice heard in a debate like this, it’s crucial that you don’t get the two terms confused. Nothing is worse than saying one word when actually meaning a different one and, unfortunately, it is something that happens more often than you would like.

The difference between nature and nurture is pretty straightforward. NATURE refers to genetics and all the factors that are inherited. while when you talk about NURTURE, you talk about the variables of the environment: things you get from the world around you after you are born.

So, if you want to highlight the significance of biological influences and genes, say, “The nature of the individual plays a big role”. If you support the idea that the environment, such as childhood experiences and social relationships, are more important, say, “The nurture is what shapes the individual’s character”.

Useful Tips to Remember the Difference

There is a small trick that might help you never get these two words mixed up. Think of the word “nurture”. It comes from the verb “to nurse”, and one of its meanings is “to feed a baby at the breast”. So, it’d only logical that “nurture” refers to everything that the environment, including how our parents raise us, define our personality.

Nature vs. Nurture Examples

  • Violence is abhorrent to his gentle nature.
  • Nature has endowed her with beauty and intelligence.
  • She was nicknamed Sunny because of her happy nature.
  • She trusted people. That was her nature.
  • She had never seen the pettish side of his nature before.
  • The antagonism between nature and nurture controls their fate.
  • They feel nurture is of infinitely greater importance than nature.
  • The womb is the ultimate safe haven and the ultimate symbol of care and nurture.
  • So our crying level may reflect more nature than nurture.
  • Is psychopathy due to nature or nurture?

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What’s the Difference between Nature vs. Nurture?

Nature vs. Nurture

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