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Principal vs. Principle: Difference between Principle vs. Principal


Difference between principal vs. principle. The number of English words that have the same pronunciation but mean different things can sometimes be troublesome when it comes to writing something. “Principal” and “principle” are no exception.

Principal vs. Principle

Principal Definition and Examples

The word “principal” has a few meanings. The first one is a person in charge of a school or organization. The second can be money that has been invested or lent in a transaction. Third, it can also be used as an adjective to describe something that is important. Here are some examples:

  • The principal at my school is very strict. He won’t let me get away with anything!
  • I know that you now owe a lot of money on your loan, but what was the principal? (How much did you originally owe?)
  • Money comes and goes but the principal thing in life should be your health.

Principle Definition and Examples

“Principle” has a much different meaning. This can be defined as a rule or something that is generally true. For example:

  • A person without principles is not someone you want to deal with.
  • The scientific principles of physics are sometimes hard to explain.
  • Understanding the principles of cooking will allow you to cook delicious food.

Way to Remember the Difference between Principle vs. Principal

A trick you can use to remember the difference is to remember the word “pal.” This word means someone who is a friend. Therefore, the “principal” is your “pal.” And just as much as I like my “pal” the “principal,” money is also my “pal.”

Principal vs. Principle Examples

  • Their school gave a reception to their new principal.
  • The hospital was named in honor of its principal benefactor.
  • His principal reason for making the journey was to visit his family.
  • They were the principal shareholders in a bank riddled with corruption.
  • The principal product of alcohol metabolism is acetic acid, which is useful in many ways.
  • I agree with you in principle, but we’ll need to discuss the details.
  • The organization works on the principle that all members have the same rights.
  • I think this government operates on the basis of expediency, not of principle.
  • Setting aside the question of cost, what do you think of the idea in principle?
  • These two medical instruments work on the same principle.

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Principal or Principle | How to Use Principal vs. Principle

Principal vs. Principle

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