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Capital vs. Capitol: How to Use Capitol vs. Capital in Sentences


“Capital” and “capitol” are two words that are often confused. Learn the difference between capital vs. capitol with example sentences and ESL infographic.

Capital vs. Capitol

Capital Definition and Examples

The word “capital” can have many meanings. It can refer to money or resources in terms of business. It can also be used when discussing writing like “capital letters”. Lastly, it also can be the “capital” of a state, prefecture, or a country. Here are some uses:

  • My bank really wanted to invest in your business, but we just don’t have the capital right now.
  • Remember that when you write the names of countries or cities that they start with a capital letter.
  • Many people think that the capital of states in America is the biggest city but it’s not always true.

Capitol Definition and Examples

Now, let’s take a look at “capitol”. This word refers to a specific place where lawmakers meet. It has a “capital” letter when it refers specifically to the building that the US Congress meets in. When it’s not capitalized, it refers to a place where other lawmakers meet (like at the state level). Some uses include:

  • When I visited Washington, D.C., I got a tour of the Capitol Building. (This one starts with a big C.)
  • Summer recess is over so all of the senators are back at the Capitol(This one starts with a big C.)
  • California is going to make a new tax so some people are protesting at the capitol. (This one starts with a small c since it is not the Capitol in Washington, D.C.)

Difference between Capital vs. Capitol | Helpful Tips

After examining the difference between the two, we can see that while “capital” has many uses in many situations “Capitol” is specifically used to describe a place where laws are made.

Capital vs. Capitol Examples

  • Cairo is the capital of Egypt.
  • Army tanks attacked a village near the capital on Sunday.
  • Do you write “calvinist” with a capital “C”?
  • Paris is the gastronomic capital of the world.
  • Investors want an immediate return on their capital.
  • They marched in procession to the Capitol building.
  • The Democrats held a pep rally on Capitol Hill yesterday.
  • Radar screens began flashing at the U. S. Capitol.
  • Tabora is the administrative capitol of Tabora Region.
  • Citizens were encouraged to rally round the capitol.

When to Use Capitol vs. Capital | Image

Capital or Capitol – Difference between Capitol vs. Capital


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