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Scary Monsters Hate Red Socks


One stormy night, as I tried to sleep,

     The scary monsters began to creep.

     I saw them lurking in the gloom,

     In every corner of my room.

     Some were big, and some were tall;

     Some were fat, and some were small.

     One had horns, and one had claws,

     And one had great big hairy paws!

     When the wind outside began to blow,

     They put on a monster show!

     Their shadows danced around my bed,

     And on the ceiling overhead.

     And as I watched their monster play,

     I became more and more afraid.

     The lightning flashed; the thunder roared.

     Then I heard something at my door.

     No time to escape! I had to hide!

     The Thing at the door was coming inside!

     I went under the covers. I shut my eyes tight,

     Afraid of the horrible monster sight.

     How long were its teeth? How green would it be?

     This King of the Monsters, who'd come after me?!

     Then I heard a voice that I knew quite well.

     It wasn't a monster — I could tell.

     Suddenly, things didn't seem so bad.

     I uncovered my head, and there was my dad!

     He said, "We're having quite a storm tonight.

     Just checking to see if you're all right.

Because sometimes monsters prowl around,

     When the thunder roars and the rain pours down.

     I remember they scared me many nights

     When I was a boy about your size.

     Until my dad, your Grandpa Joe,

     Told me something I think you should know.

     There's only one thing that monsters dislike,

     That will keep them away on dark, stormy nights.

     It isn't a light, and it isn't a lock.

     Scary monsters hate red socks!

     They simply can't stand them.

     They just won't appear,

     Whenever a pair of red socks is near.

     So, if you're ever troubled by monsters that creep,

     If they frighten you and won't let you sleep,

     Remember these words. Do as I say,

     And those scary monsters will go away!"

     Then he patted my head, like dads do,

     Tucked me in and left the room.

     But quick as a flash, I was out of that bed,

     Searching through drawers for socks colored red.

     I put on a pair, just like he'd said,

     Turned out the light, and crawled back into bed.

     The thunder and lightning and rain kept on,

     But there were no monsters. They were gone!

     The big ones, the fat ones,

     The tall and the small,

Had all disappeared with their horns, claws, and paws!

     Not one could be found! I sighed with relief,

     Then snuggled down and went to sleep.

     Now, at night, when the wind blows hard,

     And lightning flashes in the yard,

     And thunder roars, and the rain pours down,

     And scary monsters go creeping around,

     I don't worry. I'm not afraid.

     I know what to do to keep them away.

     I'll tell you my secret, believe it or not,

     Scary monsters hate red socks!

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