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Verb + About: 14 Common Combinations with ABOUT


Verb + About Combinations! List of common verb preposition combinations with about with ESL picture and example sentences in English.

Big list of 120+ useful verb preposition collocations in English.

Verb + About Collocation Examples

List of Combinations with ABOUT

  • Ask about
  • Argue about
  • Be about
  • Boast about
  • Care about
  • Be concerned about
  • Decide about
  • Dream about
  • Forget about
  • Know about
  • Laugh about
  • Protest about
  • Think about
  • Worry about

Combinations with About with Example Sentences

Ask about

  • He asked about her family.

Argue about

  • The boys argued about which bus to take.

Be about

  • That book is about his experiences in Africa.

Boast about

  • Thomas boasted about his golfing ability.

Care about

  • He always cares about me.

Be concerned about

  • Many people are concerned about the state of our hospitals.

Decide about

  • Anna decided about her goals.

Dream about

  • Sarah dreams about becoming a ballet dancer.

Forget about

  • Don’t forget about the party you promised.

Know about

  • We don’t know anything about this place.

Laugh about

  • You will laugh about this later on.

Protest about

  • The students protested about the invasion.

Think about

  • What did you think about the idea?

Worry about

  • Don’t worry about me. I’ll be all right.

Common Combinations with ABOUT | Image

Common Combinations with ABOUT

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