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Noun + In: 15+ Common Noun Collocations with IN


Noun + In Collocation Examples! Learn common noun collocations with IN in English with example sentences and ESL picture to enhance your vocabulary in English and improve your speaking skill.

Useful list of 120+ noun preposition collocations in English.

Noun + In Collocation Examples

List of Common Noun Collocations with IN

  • A decrease in
  • A fall in
  • A rise in
  • An increase in
  • Belief in
  • Change in
  • Course in
  • Delay in
  • Difference in
  • Difficulty in
  • Experience in
  • Growth in
  • Interest in
  • Lesson in
  • Participation in
  • Place in
  • Success in

Noun + In Collocations with Examples

A decrease in

  • Half the companies in the survey reported a decrease in sales.

A fall in

  • There is a steep fall in profits this year.

A rise in

  • There has been a sharp rise in the number of people out of work.

An increase in

  • There has been an increase in demand for two-bedroom flats.

Belief in

  • She has lost her belief in God.

Change in

  • There was no change in the patient’s condition overnight.

Course in

  • I’d like to do a course in computer programming.

Delay in

  • We apologize for the delay in answering your letter.

Difference in

Difficulty in

  • I had no difficulty in making myself understood.

Experience in

  • The novel is based on his experiences in the war.

Growth in

  • There is the rapid growth in violent crime.

Interest in

  • Do your parents take an interest in your friends?

Lesson in

  • I need some lessons in how to set up a website.

Participation in

  • The club encourages participation in sporting activities.

Place in

  • Working has a very important place in all our lives.

Success in

  • He had a lot of success in his career.

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