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Noun + For: 25 Common Noun Collocations with FOR


Noun + For Collocation Examples! Learn common noun collocations with FOR in English with example sentences and ESL picture to enhance your vocabulary in English and improve your speaking skill.

Huge list of 120+ noun preposition collocations in English.

Noun + For Collocation Examples

List of Common Noun Collocations with FOR

  • A check for (amount of money)
  • Reason for
  • Admiration for
  • Advertisement for
  • Approval for
  • Arguments for
  • Bid for
  • Case for
  • Credit for
  • Cure for
  • Demand for
  • Desire for
  • Fondness for
  • Hatred for
  • Love for
  • Need for
  • Preference for
  • Recipe for
  • Reputation for
  • Respect for
  • Responsibility for
  • Room for
  • Search for
  • Talent for
  • Thirst for

Noun + For Collocations with Examples

A check for (amount of money)

  • Mark gave me a check for $100.

Reason for

  • I have no particular reason for doubting him.

Admiration for

  • I have nothing but admiration for the way he handled a very difficult situation.

Advertisement for

  • I saw an advertisement for a teaching job in Thailand which looked interesting.

Approval for

  • She received approval for the proposal from the shareholders.

Arguments for

  • There are strong arguments for and against euthanasia.

Bid for

  • bid £3 000 for the painting.

Case for

  • The report makes out a strong case for spending more money on hospitals.

Credit for

  • At least give her credit for trying.

Cure for

  • There is no known cure for this type of snake bite.

Demand for

  • The demand for this new generation of mobile phone cannot be satisfied.

Desire for

  • She felt a surge of love and desire for him.

Fondness for

  • I have a fondness for expensive chocolate.

Hatred for

  • He felt nothing but hatred for his attacker.

Love for

  • I couldn’t hide my love for her any longer.

Need for

  • There is a real need for discipline in this class.

Preference for

  • Many people expressed a strong preference for the original plan.

Recipe for

  • His plans are a recipe for disaster.

Reputation for

  • I’m aware of John’s reputation for being late.

Respect for

  • I have a deep respect for my grandmother.

Responsibility for

  • They have responsibility for ensuring that the rules are enforced.

Room for

  • Is there enough room for us in the car?

Search for

  • I did an Internet search for free music sites.

Talent for

  • His talent for singing was impressive.

Thirst for

  • The children in this deprived area show a real thirst for learning.

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