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Technology Idioms: 10 Useful Idioms about Technology


Technology Idioms and Sayings! Learn frequently used idioms about technology in English with meaning, ESL picture and example sentences.

Technology Idioms and Phrases

List of Idioms about Technology

  • (The) Die Is Cast
  • By Hook or by Crook
  • Chop Chop
  • Grease Monkey
  • Grease the Wheels
  • Have a Screw Loose
  • Hold the Phone
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Pull the Plug On
  • Run into a Buzz Saw

Technology Idioms with Meaning and Examples

(The) Die Is Cast

  • Meaning: We cannot reverse the decision we have made
  • ExampleNow that we’ve invested all this money in the new factory, the die is cast. We have to continue our Brazilian operation for several more decades.

By Hook or by Crook

  • Meaning: By some possibly dishonest means
  • ExampleCarl said he’d get a car by hook or by crook, and then he could drive us to Toronto.

Chop Chop

  • Meaning: Quickly, without delay
  • ExampleSure, come into the office, and we can get the documents you need chop chop.

Grease Monkey

  • Meaning: A mechanic, especially an auto mechanic
  • ExampleYou need new brakes. Your neighborhood grease monkey should be able to do the job—it’s not difficult.

Grease the Wheels

  • Meaning: Do something to make an operation run smoothly
  • ExampleAs it says in an old country song, love may make the world go round, but money greases the wheels.

Have a Screw Loose

  • Meaning: Be slightly unbalanced or crazy
  • ExampleConsuela says she’s going bungee jumping on her vacation. I think she has a screw loose.

Hold the Phone

  • Meaning: Wait a moment (whether you’re on the phone or not)
  • ExampleMy daughter was talking about all the trips she wanted to take, and I was like, hold the phone. Where are we going to get the money for this?

Nuts and Bolts

  • Meaning: Everyday details of something
  • ExampleI have a general knowledge of the Indonesian market, but if you want to know the nuts and bolts of setting up a business there, you should ask Budi.

Pull the Plug On

  • Meaning: Terminate (something)
  • ExampleWe’re going to pull the plug on our operation in Taiwan. It’s just not succeeding.

Run into a Buzz Saw

  • Meaning: Encounter severe and unexpected problems
  • ExampleThe bill ran into a buzz saw of opposition from labor groups after it was introduced, and it finally died in committee.

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Useful idioms about Technology in English

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