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15+ Useful Idioms about Measurement in English


Measurement Idioms and Expressions! Learn useful sayings and idioms about measurement in English with meaning, ESL picture and example sentences.

Idioms about Measurement

List of Measurement Idioms

  • (The) Whole Nine Yards
  • A Bit Much
  • A Cut Above
  • A Cut Below
  • A Good Deal
  • A Great Deal
  • A Hundred And Ten Percent
  • A Notch Above
  • A Stone’s Throw
  • A Tall Order
  • Above And Beyond
  • Along The Lines Of
  • Angle For
  • By a Whisker
  • I’ve Had It Up to Here
  • Larger Than Life
  • Move the Needle
  • On the Dot
  • Vicious Circle

Measurement Idioms with Meaning and Examples

(The) Whole Nine Yards

  • Meaning: The entire amount; everything; all of something
  • ExampleSandra does everything around the office: sales, secretarial work, personnel management – the whole nine yards.

Note: There is much debate over the origin of this idiom; no one really knows where it came from.

A Bit Much

  • Meaning: More than is reasonable; a bit too much
  • ExampleYou’re asking us to pay for your trip to Ibiza? That’s a bit much, don’t you think?

A Cut Above

  • Meaning: Slightly better than
  • ExampleThere are lots of good midsize cars on the market, but the Toyota Camry has been a cut above the others for many years.

A Cut Below

  • Meaning: Inferior to; somewhat lower in quality than
  • Example: American papayas are fine, but they’re a cut below those from southeast Asia.

A Good Deal

  • Meaning: To a large extent, a lot
  • ExampleWe’re going to have a good deal of trouble finishing the project this week. Too much new work has come in.

A Great Deal

  • Meaning: To a very large extent
  • ExampleWe’ve had a great deal of success with our Mexican food line-”people can’t get enough of the new dishes.

A Hundred And Ten Percent

  • Meaning: More than what seems to be the maximum
  • ExampleSheila really tries hard – she’s not brilliant, but she always gives 110 percent when she works on something.

Note: Often used with “give,” as in the example.

A Notch Above

  • Meaning: Superior to; higher in quality
  • ExampleMost people believe that Ronda Rousey is more than a notch above other female MMA fighters.

A Stone’s Throw

  • Meaning: A very short distance
  • ExampleYou can come to my apartment before the game. It’s just a stone’s throw from the stadium.

A Tall Order

  • Meaning: A difficult task
  • ExampleI can try, but completing the whole ad campaign by the end of the month is a tall order.

Above And Beyond

  • Meaning: More than is expected or required
  • ExampleMy son went above and beyond his duties, and he was rewarded with a promotion.

Along The Lines Of

  • Meaning: In general accordance with, in the same general direction as
  • ExampleWe can design the app along the lines of Twitter, but with expanded photo features.

Angle For

  • Meaning: Aim toward something, try to obtain something, often indirectly or secretly
  • ExampleAlthough the president had announced plans to retire, he angled for a second nomination behind the scenes.

By a Whisker

  • Meaning: By a very short distance
  • ExampleThe runner was far ahead for most of the race, but at the end she won only by a whisker.

I’ve Had It Up to Here

  • Meaning: My patience is almost exhausted.
  • ExampleI’ve had it up to here with my husband’s drinking. I think I’m going to leave him.

Larger Than Life

  • Meaning: Conveying a sense of greatness, imposing
  • ExampleWhen I was a child, my uncle seemed larger than life to me. Later I realized he was just an ordinary man.

Move the Needle

  • Meaning: Have a measurable effect on something
  • ExampleWe’re all hoping that the new product line will move the needle on sales – revenues have been flat lately.

On the Dot

  • Meaning: Exactly; at an expected interval
  • ExampleI will pick you up at 3 on the dot. Don’t be late!

Note: “On the nose” is also used in North America.

Vicious Circle

  • Meaning: A situation in which an attempt to solve a problem makes the original problem worse.
  • ExampleI’ve been borrowing money to pay my bills, but that just makes my credit rating worse, and my monthly payments increase. It’s a vicious circle.

Measurement Idioms and Phrases

Useful Idioms about Measurement in English

15+Useful Idioms about Measurement in EnglishPin

(15+Useful Idioms about Measurement in English)

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