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FOOT Idioms: Useful Phrases & Idioms with FEET in English


FOOT Idioms and Sayings! Learn list of common feet idioms in English with meaning, ESL picture and example sentences to improve your English.

Full list of body idioms in English with examples.

Foot Idioms and Expressions

List of Idioms about Feet

  • Drag Your Feet
  • Find Your Feet
  • Jump in with Both Feet
  • To Get Cold Feet
  • Vote with One’s Feet
  • Have a Lead Foot
  • On the Back Foot
  • Put Your Foot Down

FOOT Idioms with Meaning and Examples

Drag Your Feet

    • Meaning: Do something very reluctantly; delay doing something
    • ExampleIf you’d quit dragging your feet and finish the drawings, we could get out of here for a long weekend.

Find Your Feet

    • Meaning: To adjust to a new place or situation
    • ExampleDid it take you long to find your feet when you started your new job?

Jump in with Both Feet

    • Meaning: Begin a new experience wholeheartedly
    • ExampleI think Fitriana is going to work out great in the new job. We started showing her the programming language yesterday, and she really jumped in with both feet.

To Get Cold Feet

    • Meaning: To experience reluctance or fear
    • Example: I was ready to dive into the pool from the high board, but I got cold feet and couldn’t – It’s do it.

Vote with One’s Feet

    • Meaning: To physically depart from something as a way of showing disapproval
    • Example: People voted with their feet on the new Chevolet models, staying away from showrooms.

Have a Lead Foot

    • Meaning: A tendency to drive very fast
    • Example: I refuse to get in a car with Courtney. She has a lead foot, and she’s already been in three accidents.

On the Back Foot

    • Meaning: At a disadvantage
    • ExampleThe ruling party was on the back foot after allegations of corruption from a major newspaper.

Put Your Foot Down

    • Meaning: Use your authority to stop negative behavior
    • ExampleUsually I let the kids watch some television, but last night they had it on for five hours. I’m going to have to put my foot down.

Foot Idioms and Sayings | Image

List of common idioms with feet in English.

FOOT Idioms: Useful Phrases & Idioms with FEET in English

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