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17 Useful Telephone Phrasal Verbs in English


Phrasal Verbs for Telephone Conversation! List of common telephone phrasal verbs in English with meaning and examples. Learn common phone phrasal verbs in English with ESL picture to improve your English communication skill.

Telephone Phrasal Verbs

List of Phrasal Verbs for Telephone Conversation

  • Break – up
  • Call back
  • Call up
  • Cut off
  • Get through
  • Hang on
  • Hang up
  • Hold on
  • Pick up
  • Put through
  • Speak up
  • Get back to someone
  • Get off
  • Turn off
  • Turn on
  • Pass on
  • Phone in

Telephone Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

Break – up

  • Meaning: Become inaudible over the phone, usually because of a bad connection
  • Example“Sorry, could you repeat that, please? You’re breaking up“.

Call back

  • Meaning: To telephone someone again or to return a call
  • ExampleShe said she’d call back.

Call up

  • Meaning: Call someone on the phone
  • ExampleMy dad called me up to tell me the bad news.

Cut off

  • Meaning: When a telephone call finishes because of a bad connection
  • ExampleWe were cut off in the middle of our conversation.

Get through

  • Meaning: To be connected to a place by telephone
  • ExampleI finally got through to Tom on his mobile.

Hang on

  • Meaning: Wait for a short time (informal)
  • ExampleHang on – I’ll just see if he’s here.

Hang up

  • Meaning: End a telephone call by putting the phone down
  • ExampleAfter I hung up I remembered what I’d wanted to say.

Hold on

  • Meaning: Wait for a short time
  • ExampleCould you hold on a moment, please?

Pick up

  • Meaning: Answer the telephone call
  • ExampleThe phone rang and rang and nobody picked up.

Put through

  • Meaning: Connect by phone
  • ExampleCould you put me through to the manager, please?

Speak up

  • Meaning: Speak louder
  • ExampleCan you speak up a bit? It’s very noisy here.

Get back to someone

  • Meaning: Telephone someone later
  • Example: I’ll find out and get back to you soon.

Get off

  • Meaning: Finish talking on the phone
  • ExampleI just got off the phone with Dad. He is keeping well.

Turn off

  • Meaning: Disconnect using the power button
  • Example: It’s good to turn off the phone while charging.

Turn on

  • Meaning: Connect using the power button
  • Example: Your own greeting is displayed instead of an animation when you turn on the phone.

Pass on

  • Meaning: (A message) – To communicate (to convey) a message to someone else
  • Example: Did you pass on my message to him?

Phone in

  • Meaning: Call in by telephone to a central person or central point.
  • ExampleI have to phone in and report the changes.

Phrasal Verbs for Phone Conversation | Images

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