Phrasal Verbs with SEND: Send back, Send down, Send off, Send up…


Phrasal verbs with SEND! Learn send away meaning, send back meaning, send down meaning, send off meaning, send up meaning with examples and ESL picture.

Phrasal Verbs with SEND

List of frequently used phrasal verbs with Send in English.

Send away, Send away for Meaning & Examples

Send away

  • Meaning: Dismiss from one’s presence
  • ExampleThe salesman was taking up too much time with his nonsense, so I sent him away.

Send away

  • Meaning: Send to a particular place for a long time, as a family member, an employee, etc.
  • ExampleWe are going to send our son away to live with his uncle in America for a year.

Send away for

  • Meaning: Write to a business or other organisation, requesting a thing
  • Example: You can send away for a brochure about this hotel, if you like.

Send back Meaning & Examples

Send back

  • Meaning: Return (something) to its origin
  • Examplesent the video back to the store, as it was damaged.

Send back

  • Meaning: Remind (someone) of a previous time in the past
  • ExampleThat song sends me back to the 1970s.

Send down Meaning & Examples

Send down

  • Meaning: Suspend or expel (an undergraduate) from university
  • ExampleHe was sent down from Oxford for theft.

Send down

  • Meaning: Commit (someone) to a prison term
  • ExampleEventually she was caught, and sent down for twelve years.

Send down

  • Meaning: Demote a player within the levels of professional baseball
  • ExampleAfter performing poorly for the first month of the season, he was sent down to the minor leagues.

Send off, Send out for, Send up Meaning & Examples

Send off

  • Meaning: Send; to dispatch
  • ExampleHave you sent off your application yet?

Send out for

  • Meaning: Make an order for something to be delivered, especially takeaway food
  • Example: There’s nothing in the fridge. Let’s send out for pizza.

Send up

  • Meaning: Imitate someone or something for the purpose of satirical humour
  • ExampleThe programme accurately sends up the British Civil Service system at Whitehall.

Send up

  • Meaning: Put in prison
  • ExampleThe judge sent him up for three years.

Phrasal Verbs with SEND | Picture

Phrasal Verbs with SEND

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