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Make Out Meaning | 27 Phrasal Verbs with MAKE: Make over, Make off, Make up…


Phrasal verbs with MAKE! Learn make after meaning, make away with meaning, make into meaning, make off meaning, make out meaning, make over meaning, make up meaning…with examples and ESL pictures.

Phrasal Verbs with MAKE

List of commonly used phrasal verbs with the word Make in English.

Make after, Make away with, Make for Meaning & Examples

Make after

  • Meaning: Chase
  • Examplemade after him.

Make away with

  • Meaning: Steal
  • ExampleThieves made away with £50,000 of jewellery in last night’s heist.

Make for

  • Meaning: To move towards something
  • ExampleHe picked up his umbrella and made for the door.

Make for

  • Meaning: To contribute, to cause, lead to
  • ExampleThe new computers make for much greater productivity.

Make into, Make it up to, Make of Meaning & Examples

Make into

  • Meaning: Cause (the first object) to become (the second object); to change or transform
  • ExampleBasic training will make you into a man.

Make it up to

  • Meaning: Pay back; to return someone a previous good deed
  • ExampleYou’ve been so kind to me, how can I make it up to you?

Make of

  • Meaning: Form an opinion about (someone or something)
  • ExampleWhat do you make of the new guy?

Make off, Make off with Meaning & Examples

Make off

  • Meaning: Leave somewhere in a hurry
  • ExampleThe kids made off when they heard us coming.

Make off

  • Meaning: To escape
  • ExampleThe men made off as the police arrived.

Make off with

  • Meaning: Steal
  • ExampleThey made off with our television and our stereo.

Make out, Make out of Meaning & Examples

Make out

  • Meaning: Draw up (a document etc.), to designate (a cheque) to a given recipient, payee
  • ExampleCheques may be made out to the Foo Bar Company.

Make out

  • Meaning: Manage, get along; to do (well, badly etc.)
  • ExampleOh, you were on a TV game show? How did you make out?

Make out

  • Meaning: Represent; to make (something) appear to be true
  • ExampleHis version of the story makes me out to be the bad guy.

Make out

  • Meaning: Kiss passionately
  • ExampleWe found a secluded spot where we could make out in private.

Make out of

  • Meaning: Construct from; to create (something) using (a material or substance)
  • ExampleI’ll make a quilt out of your mother’s old shirts.

Make over Meaning & Examples

Make over

  • Meaning: Renovate or to convert to a different use, particularly houses, offices, or rooms within them
  • ExampleWe’re going to make over the garage into a guest suite.

Make over

  • Meaning: Create a new physical look, especially with a new hairstyle, cosmetics, or clothes
  • ExampleCindy is going to make over Karen tomorrow.

Make over

  • Meaning: Improve upon and/or take in a new direction
  • Example: The senator needs to make over his image.

Make up, Make up for, Make up to Meaning & Examples

Make up

  • Meaning: Compensate, fill in or catch up
  • ExampleHe can make up the time next week.

Make up

  • Meaning: Invent, imagine, or concoct (a story, claim, etc.)
  • ExampleHe was a great storyteller and could make up a story on the spot.

Make up

  • Meaning: Assemble, or mix
  • Example: I can make up a batch of stew in a few minutes, but it will take a few hours to cook.

Make up

  • Meaning: Apply cosmetics or makeup to
  • Example: Let’s leave as soon as I make up my face.

Make up

  • Meaning: Resolve, forgive or smooth over an argument or fight
  • Example: They fight a lot, but they always manage to make up.

Make up for

  • Meaning: To compensate for something, to replace
  • ExampleI don’t eat breakfast but I make up for it at lunch.

Make up to

  • Meaning: Do something to show that you are sorry about the problems you have caused someone
  • ExampleHe was looking for a way to make up to her for what he had done.

Make towards, Make way Meaning & Examples

Make towards

  • Meaning: Head in the direction
  • Examplemade towards the door, but he called me back.

Make way

  • Meaning: Make progress
  • ExampleHe was starting to make his way in the world.

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Phrasal Verbs with MAKE

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